Toshifumi Hinata

Angels in Dystopia

Nocturnes & Preludes

On sale July 27, 2022
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"Angels in Dystopia Nocturnes & Preludes" is available on music streaming services.

Angels in Dystopia Nocturnes & Preludes

Angels in Dystopia Nocturnes & Preludes(high-resolution audio)

Streaming: Global release
Released from: Sony Music Labels / Alfa Music

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Toshifumi Hinata, Japan's leading composer of instrumental music

Long awaited new album from Alfa Music!

New album since 2009, based on the concept of Angel (hope) that shine into Dystopia.
These new songs are from Alfa Music, the legendary label that released series of hits one after another. Album will be released from Sony Music Labels.
All 24 tracks are beautiful melancholic contemporary music with classical piano and cello sounds, rich in Toshifumi Hinata colors.
Japan's leading violinist Toshihiro Nakanishi, and up-and-coming cellist Lisa Gray joined in the album making.
Also includes piano solo version of the mega-hit "Reflections", which has been streamed 45 million times. High fidelity Blu-spec CD2.

  1. Fields of Flowers
  2. Angels in Dystopia
  3. Prelude in G Minor
  4. Little Rascal on a Time Machine
  5. Phantom of Hope
  6. So Near and Dear
  7. Remembrance of Snow
  8. Neverland
  9. Lost in the Tide
  10. Marigold
  11. Sanctum
  12. Nocturne in G minor
  1. Sylvia and Company
  2. Sea of Galaxies
  3. Reflections - Piano Version
  4. Rhapsody in G minor
  5. Books and a Fireplace
  6. Nocturne in E flat major
  7. Two Menuets – Piano Version
  8. Maurice at the Beach
  9. Garden of Winter Rose
  10. Thunder Sky
  11. Marigold - Epilogue
  12. Moonlight and a Shadow

Toshifumi Hinata's profile

Debuted from Alfa Records in 1985 with the album "Sarah's Crime". A leading composer of instrumental music with the background of classical music. Especially known for his work on the soundtracks of the TV drama "Tokyo Love Story", "Ai to Iu Na no Moto ni", and "Hitotsu Yane no Shita". "Hidamari no Uta” that was provided to Le Couple in 1997 became a big hit. "Reflections" from 1986 album "Hitotsubu no Umi" has been streamed over 45 million times worldwide. Highly acclaimed artist outside of Japan as well. Continues to compose music for numerous documentary shows.

Toshifumi Hinata


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Includes "Reflections", over 13 million streams worldwide!

Vinyl reissue of Toshifumi Hinata's third album released in 1986, "Hitotsubu no Umi (REALITY IN LOVE)".

Starting with "Reflections" mega-hit tune that has over 13 million streams worldwide and the number is still growing.

Sentimental and cool melody that flows through the entire album speaks Toshifumi Hinata's world.


  1. Reflections
  2. Colored Air
  3. Menuet
  4. Andante
  5. Impromptu
  6. Passage


  1. a Moment
  2. End of the Summer
  3. Hikari to Mizu
  4. In the Light
  5. Reflections-Reprise

"Reality in Love" is available on music streaming services.

Listen to Reality in Love

Toshifumi Hinata's profile

 Born in Ota-ku, Tokyo on February 23, 1955, Toshifumi Hinata moved to England in 1973 after graduating from Gakushuin Boys' Senior High School. He takes part-time job at a motorcycle company in Farnham, Surrey. After returning to Japan in 1974, he immediately flies to United States. He enrolled at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin in July 1975, starting his musical career as a keyboard player in local blues bands and big bands. In August 1976, he transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He then received scholarship from University of Minnesota and transferred to its School of Music in August 1978. He majored in classical piano for four years, studying theory, composition and orchestration. He was active in his musical career, he performed in chamber music, orchestra, accompaniment to songs and solo instruments, and had his own recitals as well. After graduating in 1982, he began his career as a musician in Minnesota. In 1983, he returned to Japan and with his brother Daisuke Hinata, who had a musical career in Los Angeles, they established STUDIO AVR, a recording studio with AVR Corporation. He then starts creating music for commercials and many other works.

 In 1985, his first solo album "Sarah's Crime" was released from Alfa Records. In 1986, his second album "Chat d'Ete" and his third album "Reality In Love" was released. After the release of his fourth album "Story" in 1987, he released his first piano solo album "ISIS" in 1988, and since then he continued to produce solo albums constantly. In 1991, he worked on the accompaniment for the drama "Tokyo Love Story" starring Honami Suzuki and Yuji Oda. "Tokyo Love Story Original Soundtrack" hit top 5 on the Oricon chart which is an exceptional hit for drama soundtrack. From the hit of this album, releasing drama soundtrack became common. In 1993, he worked on "Shiawase ni Narutameni" (sung by Miho Nakayama), which is the theme song for the NHK TV series "Eenyobo" staring Naho Toda, recorded top 4 on the Oricon singles chart. In 1997, he worked on the insert song "Hidamari no Uta" (sung by Le Couple) for the drama "Hitotsu Yane no Shita 2" starring Yosuke Eguchi and recorded top #1 on the Oricon singles chart. "Hidamari no Uta" was also top 3 on the 1997 Oricon annual hits chart and won the Excellent Work Awards for Japan Record Awards. Le Couple performed in the "48th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen" and the song became their breakthrough number.

 Other drama music that we worked on includes "Aito Iu Nano Motoni" (1992), "An Elegy of Tyrole starring Ken Takakura" (1992), "Hitotsu Yane no Shita" (1993), "Hi no Ataru Basho" (1994), "Imouto yo" (1994), "Itsuka Mata Aeru" (1995), "Kare" (1997), "Brothers" (1998), "Mona Lisa's Smile" (2000), and "Buzzer Beat ~Gakeppuchi no Hero~" (2009). His music is used on commercials for Toyota, Coca-Cola, Shiseido, and Asahi Breweries, and provides music to Takako Matsu, Nanako Sato, Le Couple, Yuko Takeuchi, Miho Nakayama, KOKIA, Diana Ross, and many others. In recent years, he has been working on the music inserts for Fuji TV's "The Nonfiction", NHK and many other documentary programs as well.

Masterpiece of ambient & healing music!

A masterpiece of ambient and healing music with a decadent European flair. Cutting by Bernie Grundman.
Includes "Hiroba 3:17 PM", which is a track only available on the CD that was simultaneously released back in 1986.

Now on sale!

Toshifumi Hinata

Chat d'ete

On sale November 3rd, 2020

Vinyl LP

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Price: ¥4,070 (tax included)


  1. Shinkiro
  2. Atarashii Yuubokumin
  3. S no Shouzou
  4. Kodoku na Piano
  5. Yume no Obje


  1. Ikoku no Onnatachi
  3. Ao no Jidai
  5. Hiroba 3:17 PM